Motorcycle trials training are pretty much appreciated from the players

Motorcycle trials training are pretty much appreciated from the players
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Motorcycle trials training are free 3D terrain racing, 3D racing, racing, and challenging driving. The game is free to download and to experience today.

motorcycle trials training

Speed game interface motorcycle trials training

Play as a real racer, compete in major tournaments on the world’s most famous race. You will be selected one of our twenty six extreme racing cars. Work hard to get used to the track and become a great rider. For every kilometer you run, you will earn points. They will be very helpful to you.

Features and features of motorcycle trials training

– 4 motorcycles with different characteristics to choose and unlock

– 15 levels with different terrain and challenges

– Intuitive controls, easy

– Beautiful graphics, lively design, attractive sound

– Play the game with the full version and it’s free

Controls in the game motorcycle trials training motorcycle trials training:

– Arrow key up to move forward

– Arrow key down to undo

– Arrow key left to turn left

– Right arrow key to turn right

– The key to using Nitro

– ESC key to stop the game

motorcycle trials training

Challenges in motorcycle trials training

Motorcycle trials training has all 15 levels, you will have to play turn from the lowest level, reach certain targets to unlock the next level.

Although there are four cars, each with different weight and strength, you will have to start the race with a free car, which is probably the weakest of the four cars. Each track has 3 time lapses corresponding to 3 different gold, silver, bronze medals, and you finish the title in the time it will receive the title.

Just reach the bronze medal to pass the level, but try to earn gold medals as it helps you unlock more powerful cars. To do that do not forget to use Nitro at the right time to speed up and get to the right time. Nitro can be earned when you perform acrobatics and unique aerial performances.

motorcycle trials training

Tackling, aerial show to get Nitro to speed up

Each level will take you to a different scene, but it is indispensable to climb the cliffs, the mountains or jump into the deep chasm. Complete all the challenges to test your limits.

In the options you can adjust the volume of audio, music in the game. The game only has full-screen mode that will not allow you to minimize the game window, so it will be a bit inconvenient when you need to exit the screen.

In summary, Motorcycle trials training offers a unique challenging terrain motorcycle experience. Everything in the game will be unlocked by your efforts without having to pay any fees. Download Motorcycle trials training and go to the track immediately.

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Motorcycle trials training are pretty much appreciated from the players
5 (100%) 2 votes

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