Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free
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Welcome to our bike games for boys. Today, we will introduce you an extreme bike stunt games but a really addictive racing game – Bike Race

Briefly introduction of bike stunt games – Bike Race Free

Bike stunt games – Bike Race Free is a side-scrolling physics game. The actual goal of the racing game is to reach a specified finish line in one piece. However, you still can maneuver your bike to perform insane stunts and rollovers during each and every mid-air launch.

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This dirt bike stunt games provides you with 2 game mode —the single player and the multiplayer. If you are just starting up, then the single-player mode is the outright choice. The multiplayer mode, on the other hand, is where you get to compete with other several online players ranging from amateurs to pros.

bike stunt games

Bike stunt games – Try to get full stars to unlock new map

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To master Bike Race – the online bike stun games, you have to familiarize every nook and cranny of a stage in order to put together somewhat of a drive/game plan. This includes proper timing of brakes, knowing when to boost up for a launch, and angling your bike for landing and avoiding hazardous walls and pitfalls like putting up a set of insane choreography for an outrageously deadly stunt.

Features and control:

  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Simple controls
  • Earn stars to unlock new levels
  • 8 addictive worlds
  • 64 challenging tracks
  • Touch to accelerate, tilt to lean the bike
bike stunt games

Bike stunt games – Tilting tilting of your device for performing wheelies, front and back flips

The bike game shares similar input controls like that of Hill Climb Racing and MX Motocross. The control in this bike stunt games includes tilting of your device for performing wheelies, front and back flips, and an on-screen accelerate and brake buttons. Be wary though because as simple as it may sound, starting off could really drive a wedge between you and your game before you even get the hang of it.

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Bike Race Free
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