32 secs

32 secs
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Enjoy your time with our bike games for kids. Today, we will introduce you an exciting free motorcycle racing games which called 32 secs

The description of free motorcycle racing games – 32 secs

Your role in this racing game is to be the most reliable and reliable transportation vehicle in the future, your mission is no less impossible! You must provide the TOP SECRET package on time or the world will collapse. You will need to race in too many maps, and to play this free motorcycle racing games you must collect as many points of energy to continue your journey.

So jump on your super bike and use your inhumane driving skills in a high-speed navigation experience. Change traffic, avoid accidents, activate the power and reach your destination while climbing to the top of the charts of this online game!

free motorcycle racing games

Free motorcycle racing games – Avoid crashes, activate power-ups and collect as much as energy points to continue your journey

Next to the task, there are many cool motors in the free motorcycle racing games. To get the latest motorcycles in the store, you will need to start collecting all the energy you find. The motorcycles available in the shop are more upgraded than your normal one.

However, this free motorcycle racing games does not allow the type of motor that determines your speed. You will need to start collecting energy points to start upgrading it, you can increase its power to increase your speed, and you can enhance its handling, you can also catch It upgrades the brakes and increases its overall structure and does not explode after any malfunction.

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free motorcycle racing games

Free motorcycle racing games – Beautiful visual, smooth gameplay and addictive music 

  • Beautiful future image
  • Sense of speed unparalleled
  • Smooth and addictive gameplay
  • Beautiful motorbike
  • The upgrade system is simple and intuitive
  • Supports complete retina display
  • Google Play support
  • The music of BAFTA winner Tamás Kreiner

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32 seconds is a simple free motorcycle racing games. Just by using a few of your fingers, the world will safely just try to accelerate and deliver the package. The control system is all about if you want to go left or right just start sliding left or right, if you want to use nitro swipe up, and use the brake slide down.

  • Swipe LEFT and RIGHT to override traffic
  • Swipe UP to use nitro system
  • Swipe down to use the brake


  • Use the turbo area as often as possible
  • Always look out for the motorcycles
  • Save your nitro for difficult situations
  • Do not forget to upgrade your bike to maximize their potential

In conclusion, 32 secs is an extreme racing games but superb addictive and it is a free motorcycle racing games online

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32 secs
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